Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Old Frame .. New Look ...

Y E A R S   AGO  I  cross stitched this piece .... A N D 4 years now I have not put it up because it is SO DATED .... SSooo after checking with a few people in the fam ... decided 2 paint the oak frame !!
YES ... I think I can live with it now ... it is still dated { I think we call that vintage now } But I am a bit sentimental & this piece reminds me of our 1st house ... when our 1st two boys were small ... blahblahblah !!! So look at some of those projects of yours that you have stuffed away A N D rethink away sistahs !!                                                         

                                    Someone told me today ... " It is SO much easier to organize someone else rather than myself " .... E p I C .. so true so true !!

                                                                     Have a FAB day !!


1 comment:

  1. looks awesome, ma. i like that thing, reminds me of some old houses as well!