Thursday, April 25, 2013

SNAP CONFERENCE 2013 @ Thanksgiving Point

 Woot ! Woot ! We had SO MUCH fun at SNAP Conference last week !! We were crazy busy from morn till eve. With classes . vendors . and meeting amazing women !! The ideas were abounding all around and WOWEE KAZOOWEE !! Classes about instagraming ( is THAT a word ? ) taking pics . understanding google. branding . basic blogging ( can't be more basic than me ) . pinterest . OH MY ... soso much. And the meals were Awesome ... & THEN ... a pajama partay .. keynote speakers ... ( a shoutout 2 ... ... QUEEN BEE MARKET ) .. photo booth ... I mean GET OUT OF TOWN ( o .. wait we were ! ) It was so worth going !! Even though I felt like I was a fraudulant blogger ... Everyone was nice / welcoming & wonderful Is it 2014 yet ??!! Thank you 2 Tauni & your FAB staff  ... it was a BLaSt !!   Oh & PS ... The Tulip Festival was astounding !!                         

                                                                                       Ooh lala   Lisa

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Organizing Break = Key West, FLORIDA.

Taking a bit of a vacation in Key West Florida 
visiting our darling daughter and son in law. Not much
 organizing going on here, but lots of fun activities
 and island food.

Eating. Boating. Sunset Celebration. Key Lime Pie. Walking. Eating.
 BBQ. Piers. Museums. Water. Sand. Visiting. Seashells. Pedicures. 
Seeing where our kids work.

Have a fab day!
Oohlala... Lisa

Thursday, April 4, 2013


                                                  G O O D   M O R N I N G !! 

                                                Here is a quick (FAST) tip…..

                         TOUCH ONLY ONCE      if you are emptying your groceries… dishwasher

            it is so much easier; LESS steps once an item is in your hands…. put it where it belongs

           I know it sounds a bit SIMPLE but recently a client told me that little tip helps her a lot

           WHO KNEW really !!!!!

                                                                  Have  a  fab  day .....

                                                                                      ooh lala ... Lisa