Sunday, May 19, 2013

Organizing = D i y

          Hey to the 2 1/2 people looking @ my blog !! {{ maybe I should post more !! }} Thank you for

 checking & hoping I get better with all of this T E C H I E  stuff !! A quick shout out to T & R for

 their ONE YEAR anniversary .. Woot woot is what this mom says !!

         Ok then ... Putting things in order ... organizing closets . rooms . an office . okok ... even a junk

drawer just T H R I L L S me ... truly ... But organizing is really ALL around us !! So that is why I

will be adding in some DIY projects .. not just organizing in a classic way. So as I find my voice with

all of this I wanted you to know where I am coming from .... a little DYIing  is really a little

organizing business ... so let's get our organizing hats on !!  { this is where I could put a pic up .. but

can't quite do that w/o help yet !! }

                                                                           Have a FAB day !!

                                                                                              Ooh lala   Lisa

PS . a quick organizing tip ......Put a hook on  the inside of your pantry door { or really ANY door near your kitchen } For your cute aprons !! { No APRONS ?? come on .. get some for the hook  :) }

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

A Smashing Good Time !!!

There is  ALOT of work in planning a wedding !! SHEESH !! Where is the reception ? Pictures . Food . THE DRESS . Shoes . Centerpieces . oh & add in ... { a mild heart attack & 7 way bypass ... THAT story is for another day !!} C o l o R s .  flowers . Well I needed 2 be organized in a big way !! So I got a smash book & went 2 work !! If you have ever used these books or seen them they are VERY self explanatory ... JuST SmAsH EvERY thing together .. literally !! How fun does THAT sound ? 
                        SO I kept all the phone #'s we needed. every receipt .questions we had. business cards AND took it everywhere we went . ready 2 write down anything we had 2 !! As the months flew by I added baby pics. bling . lace. stickers. washi tape. After THE BIG EVENT was over I added some more stuff !! T's shower pics . wedding . .. well just about everything important 2 document our daughters { & her wonderful hubbie } HUGE . LIFE CHANGING DAY !! T & R can look @ this book years from now & so can their family ! It doesn't matter HOW we document but it is so  IMPORTANT  that we do document !!

                                                             Have a FAB day !!

                                                                                    oohlala ~~~ Lisa 

PS . I didn't even mention their HARROWING car accident that totaled the car ... 4 days b4 the heart attack story ... another day ... another post   :)

Documenting a Special Time .....
Phone #'s.Cards.Appt....
Smashing r Memories .....

Shoes.Wedding Expo.Cake.Vintage.....
Car Accident in New Mexico Documented.....
Pocket Page.Announcement.....